sewn: entangled


sewn: entanengleendentangled (2021-24)

entangled 2020-2024

entangled is a combination of my sewn collaged photographs, and 5 oversized constructed textile works installed with connective webbing(thread). The 5 textile clothing works represent each person in my family of origin. Each piece of clothing represents my childhood memory most directly associated with that person, including myself. These pieces are connected by red thread to the collaged photographs as they are caught in the tangled, chaotic stew of memory, family, and experience. The connective tissue of the red thread references brain neurons, as well connection and strength.

My father passed away in 2022 from a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease. The ambiguous loss and chaotic mess that come with this illness was grueling for my family. I use photography and collage to process this experience. Watching the slow disintegration of a brain has left a chasm, one not yet fully grieved. My process deconstructs and reconstructs imagery as a mending process and to explore the inherent tension in memory. The work references fractured and fluid memories, confusion and agitation, humor, beauty, and sadness.